Paradise in Boxes
France: immigrants in the Paris suburbs

From the ambitions of those who want to escape from their world to the existence of those who have arrived. While the continent of Europe is now in the process of creating a new 'European' culture and identity under the umbrella of an emergent supranational state, the satellite towns around the big cities are changing into focal points for the minorities are flooding in from outside Europe and will change the continent in unforeseeable ways.

BERTIEN VAN MANEN (Netherlands, 1942)
Moved into documentary photography in 1977 after some years as a fashion photographer. Her first book covered the living condition of female immigrants in the Netherlands. In the 1980s she worked from several countries, including Algeria, Nicaragua, the USA and Eastern Europe. Her colour pictures of people in the former Soviet Union and in China, published in the books A Hundred Summers, A Hundred Winters (1994) and East Wind West Wind (2001), have been on show in museums across the world. She has been awarded numerous prizes, and in 2003 she was nominated for the Citibank Photography Prize.